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27 March 2024 kcorptax Admin

What is the No.1 business idea in India in 2024

In a bustling and unique country like India, opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures are myriad c[..]

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10 January 2024 kcorptax Admin

Indian Young Professional Scheme

The Indian young professional scheme visa marks a perfect initiative to strengthen the ties betwee[..]

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30 December 2023 kcorptax Admin

Aadhaar update last date extension

As per the Aadhaar enrollment and update regulations of 2016, people holding an Aadhaar card need [..]

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06 November 2023 kcorptax Admin

How can you save tax for salary above 10.50 lakh?

At present, the government has given tax concessions on income up to Rs 5 lakhs, and the finance bud[..]

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28 October 2023 kcorptax Admin

Benefits of filing Income tax return online

We often hear from the elders in our house to file ITR. But have you ever wondered what is ITR and w[..]

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17 October 2023 kcorptax Admin

What is the penalty for non filing ITR?

It is your responsibility or legal requirement to file your income tax return on time, so that you c[..]

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