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What is GST registration online

What is GST registration online?

GST registration online is very famous after the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is big Tax reform in India, which combines earlier applicable indirect taxes & several levies into a single tax structure, which includes central excise duty, services tax, additional custom duty, surcharges, central sales tax and state level value added tax, luxury tax , electricity duty, entertainment tax, entry tax and octroi.

Under the GST regime, goods and services are now taxed under a single legislation, the Goods and Services Tax Laws. All of the taxes are imposed at the same time. The CGST, SGST, and IGST are divide the income between the federal and state governments.

GST registration online is voluntary or mandatory process in India. It depends on turnover of the businesses or services, that the every person is mandatorily apply for GST registration online, who has cross the turnover limit during the previous financial year or expected to cross the limit as prescribed under GST law. Meaning of limit is here from threshold limit.

GSTIN Registration is nessesary for save huge tax penalties or fines, Kcorptax is one of the best GST registration online service providers in Delhi NCR, with the help of our expertization of more than 15 years, you may get registered your business under GST, whether you are from Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai or Kolkatta or from any other place in India.

GST Registration In Delhi

If you are looking for GST registration online or GST registration in Delhi, you can first visit to official website of GST GSTn Services and fill the registration form online and followed the steps as mentioned below. You can also read No. of documents required for GST registration in Delhi and step by step procedure for GST registration online in Delhi.

Also note that, GST online application and procedure for GST registration online in India is same for every State or Union Territory, whether you apply for registration in any State/ Union Territory of India. You can also consult with our GST reGSTration expert team, Kcorptax is one of best GST registration consultant in Delhi NCR.

GST Registration Threshold Limit

Businesses that satisfy specific conditions, such as turnover or activity, must register for GST. If the yearly turnover of selling goods or providing services reached Rs. 40 lakhs or Rs. 20 lakhs respectively.

Businesses those have manufacturing goods and delivering services in the northern eastern states, the amounts are Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs respectively. Many traders opt to register for GST on their own voluntarily because of the so many benefits.

In India, registration process is only online. GST registration online is ensured a smooth flow of input tax credit & also create your status as a registered supplier.

For more discussion or if you want to get GST registration in Delhi NCR, you may contact us at our offices at Preet Vihar Delhi or Registration Expert (A unit of Kailadevi Corporate) at Greater Noida near Gaur City Mall and get free expert advice or guidance for GST registration online in Delhi and nearby areas.

Types Of GST Tax?

CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax):

The tax collected by it will go to the center.

SGST(State Goods and Services Tax):

The tax collected by it will go to the state.

IGST (Integrated goods and Services Tax):

It will only apply when sending products or services from one state to another.

UTGST (Union Territory Goods and Services Tax):

This tax is applicable in the 7 Union Territories of the country.

Types of GST registration

Benefits of GST registration online in Delhi India

Input tax credit will reduced the price

Once you get GST registration online, you will allow to collect GST and passed ITC to another registered GSTIN holders, further they can claim credit of the GST paid to you or prior suppliers for business operations. Hence it will reduce the cost of inputs that reduced ultimately the cost of supplies.

Legal Supplier status

A supplier can legally collect GST, once he or she get GST registration online either voluntary or mandatory. Further the GST input credit might be passed by them. The voluntary registrant has the same status and duties as a taxpayer who has met the statutory requirements. The registrants will issue a Tax Invoice (i.e. called pakka invoice) also to the customers by using this registration.

Easy GST registration online process

Kcorptax have experienced law specialists (like CA, CS, Lawyers etc) who provides expert guidance & support for GST Registration online in Delhi to make it simple and hassle free, the online registration procedure is made easier. After the registration procedure is completed, certificate of GST registration online will be given to the applicant that includes the GST number, also known as the GSTIN. The GST registration issued permanently till date of surrender or cancelled it and does not require renewal at any time but it may be amended as if required any change in any basic information, address or other particulars submitted earlier.

Easy GSTIN Compliances

Once you get GST number, each registrant is responsible for ensuring GST compliance in the form of timely payment of GST & submission of online GST returns like GSTr-1 and GSTr-3B. Under the GST regime, these compliance obligations are simplified. It is also systematically planned to make compliance easier by consolidating several submissions in a single return. When trying to compare it to many other taxpayers, a regular taxpayer will receive a better GST compliance rate.

Name of documents required for GST registration online in India, Delhi

Passport size photo

Applicant Photo - Passport size of owners / applicant / every director of company / every partner.

Pan card

Pan card of a applicant / individual or In name of Business (in any other case).

Identity proof

Pan card or adhaar card or voter card or driving license or passport (Individual applicant or partners or directors).

Address proof

Adhaar card or voter card or driving license or passport (Individual applicant / partners / directors).

Business address proof

A NOC or rent agreement along with Electricity bill or ownership proof like registry copy of the premises or Municipal tax receipt.

Proof of bank account

1st page of bank passbook with few transactions or bank statement having all details or cancel cheque in name of individual or business (same will required, once registration approved online).

Submit the documents required for GST Registration online

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Step by Step process of GST Registration Online in India, Delhi

Step 1: Navigate to the GST website:

For Application of GST registration online, first Go to GST official portal GSTn Services and under service tab section and go to further at registration tab and click on the new registration or (Service>Registration>New Registration>) then followed drop-down menu.

Step 2: Fill the blank Tabs:

You must now choose the new registration button & choose the any one type of taxpayer from the "I am a" drop-down menu. Then next select the state and district names. Fill in the business's name as mentioned in pan card and then fill pan card number. Fill your registered email address and cell phone number and proceed, an OTP will be sent to your email and phone number. Choose and click on the screening option to continue.

Step 3: Furnish the OTP:

Enter the OTP that you will get on your registered email address & mobile number. If you do not receive it, resend it.

Step 4: Get a TRN:

After fill the OTP and proceed, you'll be given a TRN of fifteen digits (XXXX XXXX XXXX TRN). The TRN will be delivered to your inbox and mobile phone. Please keep a record of your TRN and finish part-b of application form & ensure to filing it within fifteen days.

Step 5: Navigate to the GST website:

You will need to go back to the site and choose the New GST registration tab from the screen.

Step 6: Select "TRN”:

Choose the TRN and fill in the blanks with the TRN no. which you had already received earlier. And then enter the captcha code and click "continue" to proceed.

Step 7: A one-time password (OTP) was sent to you:

After completing the captcha, you will receive an OTP via email or phone. Fill the OTP further and continue.

Step 8: Click the edit button.

You will see the application status as "Draft". Now select the "edit" tab from the drop-down menu.

Step 9: Fill the second part:

Fill in to complete the second part, which includes ten tabs. Here also required documents. Fill in all of the relevant information and then select "Submit Documents".

Step 10: Checkmark & declaration:

Now you must proceed to the next page for verification, where you have to confirm with tickmark and submit the declaration form. Following these steps, you will find that the application has been successfully submitted on the screen. After that you will receive mail for adhaar KYC then complete it & further an ARN will be received to your registered email and cell phone.

Frequently asked questions

The following are the general requirements of online registration:

  • If the total company turnover in the relevant financial year exceeds 40 lakh/20 lakh in the case of goods/services respectively (the threshold for North-eastern States is 20 lakh/ 10 lakh in the case of goods/services respectively).
  • Non-Resident taxable person / Casual taxable person
  • Supplier's agents and input service distributors (ISD)
  • Aggregator for Electronic Commerce
  • An individual who sells using an e-commerce platform

In addition to the mentioned as above, there are a few more conditions that must be satisfied when registration is required. Apart from the mandatory registration, someone may also register on voluntary basis. Kcorptax is ready to help you for GST registration in Delhi NCR.

GST Registration online should applied at GST Portal, open website at google "www.gst.gov.in" and followed procedure. The provider of taxable goods or services, as well as the location(s) of business, must register for GST in the state from where the taxable goods or services are provided. When a business's locations are spread throughout many states, the GST must be applied from multiple locations. Kcorptax provides GST Registration online services in each and every state of India like as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Pujnab, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhara Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand etc.

No, a person cannot apply for several GST registrations online at the same time. A person must register for individual GST registration in each state in which he or she does have business operations, whether under the same or different names. An individual with the same PAN but doing business in multiple states is in the same boat. Kcorptax help you to get GST registration online in Delhi NCR or any other states in India.

Once an online application for registration under the Goods and Services Tax Act is received at GST portal, the competent official will review it and, if satisfied, will provide a soft copy of the certificate of registration of GST or if not satisfied then may issue a show cause notice for further clarification. The GSTIN assigned to the applicant is also included on GST certificate. Also you may get help of Kcorptax for notice issued for clarification, Kcorptax have experts for GST registration in Delhi.

A taxable event under the GST Act is a sale, transfer, barter, exchange, license, rental, lease, or disposal of taxable goods or services made, or agreed to be made, for the consideration of taxable goods or services. For more details, you may get consult with our expert team of Kcorptax, we are avialable 24/7 online, our offices in Delhi NCR.

Every person who is subject to GST, whether willingly or involuntarily is required to file the prescribed GST returns in the prescribed manner and within the timeframe or frequencly like monthly or quarterly as specified in law.

Every person can apply for GSTIN, whether voluntarily or mandatorly, with filing an application form for GST registration online at GST portal. Kcorptax is online legal service providers plateform, you can get help of Kcorptax and get free advice also.

In india, GST Registration Turnover limit of selling goods or providing services is Rs. 40 lakhs or Rs. 20 lakhs respectively. Businesses those have manufacturing goods and delivering services in the Northern Eastern States, the amounts are Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs respectively. Many traders opt to register for GST on their own voluntarily because of the so many benefits.

Once you get registered under GST then you will laible to pay GST, but will applicable on value addition and net liability need to pay to GST Department, like once you sales of goods or provide services to anyone, you have to file GST return and deposit GST Tax within prescribed dates under GST and you may get credit of GST input Tax also on Input services or taxable goods purchase from registered GST taxpayers with your monthly or quarterly GST return as specified in law.

Yes, you can check your GST registration online status at GST Government Portal i.e. www.gst.gov.in and followed Services>Registration>Track application status>Fill application referance numder (ARN).

Yes, You can pay GST online at GST portal directly through Net banking, Neft or RTGS or can deposit cash in nearest bank after filing GST challan with all mandatory particulars.

Yes, There is no prescribed Government fee for GST registration in India, if you get help of some professionals then need to pay some professional fee, which will nominal or negligible like upto 1500 or 2000 etc. and it may be higher & depends on work or services also.

Yes, you can search it with GSTIN portal, just go on Search Taxpayer > Search by GSTIN/UIN or Search by PAN > fill GSTIN or PAN

Government has prescribed in GST council meeting four Tax slabs under GST i.e. 5%, 12% , 18% and 28%, apart of this Gold Taxable at 3%, and some other rates also, under specific categories or cases.

In India "www.gst.gov.in" is Government GST portal.

Yes offcourse, you can find GSTIN details including Addresses of GSTIN holders also, after filling their GST No. on GSTIN portal in prescribed field.

Yes, someone can search GSTIN, verify GST certificate details like date of registration, name of GSTIN holders, business place address, return filing dates, ward no., HSN code of goods or services etc at GST Government Portal without login, and after filling his GST number in prescribed search GST Taxapayes tab. In case, if have login details, then you can have two options. First is download GST certifcate from GST Portal go to Services tab>User Services>View/Download Certificates and second is the details get from profile section.

For GST registration in Delhi or any other State, registration procedure is same in entire India, You have to visit official website of GST and apply for GST after followed above details of document required for GST registration & step by step procedure for GST application. You may also consultant with our Kcorptax GST experts team or get free guidance.