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What is GST Return online

A complete guide to GST return filing in Delhi

The GST return filing process in Delhi is completely online, GST return must be filed electronically on the GST portal using a valid GST identification number (GSTIN). The taxpayer must provide accurate details of their sales and purchases during the period and calculate their tax liability.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a comprehensive indirect tax reform introduced in India on July 1, 2017. It replaced various indirect taxes like Central Excise, Service Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and others, bringing them under one umbrella.

GST has two components, the Central GST (CGST) and State GST (SGST). In addition to these, there is also an Integrated GST (IGST) that is levied on inter-state transactions.

GST Return Filing in Delhi

A GST return is a document that a registered taxpayer is required to file online with the government that contains details of their taxable sales, purchases, and tax liability. GST returns are used to calculate the amount of tax that a business is required to pay to the government.

GST return filing in Delhi is mandatory for all registered taxpayers to comply with GST regulations. Non-filing or late-filing of GST returns online can result late fees, interest and other legal consequences.

If you are looking for GST return filing online or GST filing in Delhi, you can first visit to official website of GST GSTn Services and fill the return form online and followed the steps. You can also read No. of documents required for GST return filing in Delhi and step by step procedure for GST return online in Delhi.

Also note that, GST online return and procedure for GST return online in India is same for every state or Union Territory, whether you filing return in any State/ Union Territory of India. You can also consult with our GST return experts, Kcorptax is one of best GST return filing consultant in Delhi NCR.

Types of online GST returns

The following are some of the most common types of GST returns required to file:


This is a monthly or quarterly return that contains details of a taxpayer's outward supplies, including sales made to other businesses and consumers.


This is a monthly GST return that contains a summary of a taxpayer's sales and purchases, along with the tax liability and input tax credit (ITC) claimed.


This is an annual return that is filed by taxpayers who have opted for the Composition Scheme, which allows small businesses to pay a fixed rate of tax based on their turnover.


This return is filed by non-resident taxpayers who do not have a permanent establishment in India but have engaged in business activities in the country.


This return is filed by input service distributors who distribute ITC to their branches or units.


This is an annual return that contains a summary of all the GST returns filed during the financial year, along with the annual financial statements.


This return is filed by businesses that have cancelled their GST registration and contains details of the final tax liability.


This return is filed by taxpayers who have been issued a Unique Identification Number (UIN) and have made purchases without paying tax.

Note: All above mentioned, is only types of GST returns but you have to check that which type of GST return filing is applicable on you? For the same you may consult with any GST expert, Kcorptax is one of the best GST return filing consultant in Delhi NCR or nearby areas or may contact at our branch office Registration expert (A unit of Kailadevi Corporate Services) in Greater Noida also.

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Advantages of GST return filing in Delhi

GST return filing can offer several advantages to businesses, including:

Input Tax Credit (ITC):

GST return filing enable businesses to claim Input Tax Credit, which is the tax paid on purchases. ITC can be used to offset the tax liability on sales made by the business, reducing the overall tax liability of taxpayers.

Increased Compliance:

GST returns filing regularly helps businesses to maintain compliance with the GST regulations and avoid penalties and legal consequences.

Greater Transparency:

GST return filing in Delhi provide a transparent record of all the transactions made by a business, making it easier for the government to monitor and regulate the tax system.

Improved Business Image:

GST return filing in Delhi on time demonstrates that the business is responsible and trustworthy, which can improve the business's reputation and image.

Easier Refunds:

GST return filing make it easier for businesses to claim refunds on any excess tax paid, which can help to improve cash flow.

Reduction of Cascading Effect:

GST has replaced multiple taxes like excise, VAT, and service tax, which has helped to reduce the cascading effect of taxes on goods and services.

Overall, GST returns filing can help businesses to manage their tax liabilities, maintain compliance, and improve their reputation, while also benefiting the wider economy by promoting transparency and reducing the cascading effect of taxes.

GST return filing due dates:

Followings are due dates for Filing of GST return online.

For GSTR-3B: 20th of every month, 22nd and 24th of every month also depend on State in which you registered and file return.

For GSTR-1: 11th of every month.

For GSTR-IFF: 13th of every month.

Consequences of non filing of GST returns:

GST return filing is mandatory process, once you get registered under GST at anywhere in India. If you unable to file GST return of your business or profession, you will liable to pay prescribed late fee, interest or other penal actions as per GST laws, which depends or may very case to case.

As per GST law, prescribed late fee are as mentioned below:

For NIL GST return filings: Rs 10 per day for CGST+ Rs 10 per day for SGST.

For GST returns having transactions: Rs. 25 per day for CGST + Rs 25 per day for SGST.

Documents needed to file a GST return in Delhi India

Following documents are generally required for GST return filing in Delhi India.

Invoices Sales or Services

Details of purchases

Bank accounts statement

Fixed Assets or Expenses Invoices

Amended Invoices - if any

Debit and Credit Notes

Details of GST ewaybills applicable - if any

Documents required for GST Return

Frequently asked questions

Every individual or organisation registered for GST would be required to submit an online GST return for the specified time period. To be in compliance with GST requirements, even organizations with a GST registration but no activity must submit a GST Nil Return.

Previously regular taxpayers must file GSTR-1 (outgoing supply details), GSTR-2 (inward supply details), and GSTR-3 (general tax return) (monthly return). Now the 11th of every month would be the deadline for GSTR-1, the 14th would be the deadline for GSTR-2B, and the 20th would be the deadline for GSTR-3B. Every three months, compounding taxpayers are required to submit GSTR-4 on the 18th of the month following the quarter. All individuals or companies registered under GST are required to submit an annual return in addition to their monthly or quarterly returns. The 31st of December following the conclusion of the fiscal year is the deadline for filing the yearly GST return online. The GST reconciliation statement must be prepared in the event that assessors are required to adhere to auditing regulations.

GST returns must be digitally filed. Also, it would be possible to prepare the returns in advance and post them online.

A GST return wouldn't be processed or revised. The return for the current month must contain any unreported invoices from the prior tax period, as well as any interest that could be due.

The GST Department will keep track of all GST Return non-filers and the relevant GST authorities will get a list of defaulters for follow-up and enforcement action. The GST law will also impose an automatic late fee on late and incomplete filers of GST returns.

All taxpayers are eligible to file a GSTR1 return under GST, with the exception of an input service distributor, a non-resident taxable person, a casual taxable person, and a person paying tax under the GST composition system. Learn more about submitting GSTR-1 returns.

Online GSTR1 return filing is possible through the GST return portal. You may also submit your GSTR1 return with the help of Kcorptax; to do so, simply call, provide the information on your monthly sales and purchases, and then share excel sheet.

The 11th of every month is the deadline for submission of GSTR-1 return and 13th of every month is for filing IFF/GSTR-1 for quaterly GST tax payers. For latest updates in last date of GST returns and for know about any last date extension contact with GST expert team of Kcorptax.

Yes, GST filing is mandatory once you get GST registration online. From the date of GST registration, you will be liable to file GST return. For example: If you got GSTIN on 05.01.2023 then you will liable to file GST return online at GST Portal from 05.01.2023 i.e. for Jan 2023 (05.01.2023 to 31.01.2023) or subsequent months till GST surrender, otherwise for non filing GST return government will automatically levied late fee in your online GSTin login, which need to pay first for filing GST returns online. For more details contact our GST expert return filing team of kcorptax in Delhi NCR.

GST return needs to file as per prescribed guidelines, most of the cases regular tax payers needs to file monthly GST return, some depends on turnover and selection of GST return filing frequency. If turnover is less than 5 crore in a previous financial year, you can choose quarterly return option and file GST return accordingly. If you need any further clarification or free advice, just call to kcorptax, our GST expert team is always ready to help you.

Yes, Under GST Act, GST return filing is mandatory for every tax payers, who got GST registration from GSTIN Authority even if no transactions relating to Sales, Services or Purchases.

For monthly fillers (who choose monthly filing option) GST return due dates are: for GSTR 1 - 11th of every month and for GSTR 3B - 20th of every month. And for quarterly fillers (who choose quarterly filing option) GST return due dates are: IFF- 13th of Every month and GSTR 3B - 22nd or 24th of every month depends on taxpayers State of GSTIN registration. For more details or get free advice on how to file GST returns? may call to GST expert team of kcorptax Delhi NCR.

Every person can file GST return that have knowledge of GST law, GST Return Portal and also knows about procedure of GST return filing. You may also contact with our expert GST team of Kcorptax for seamless filing your GST returns on due dates without any hassle. Our Professional fee for GST return filing is very nominal; same is start with Rs. 499 per month in Delhi NCR.

Without login; search taxpayer option is the better way to know about GST return filed or not? and after login dashboard automatic shows last five months status and rest may track from services tab option.

Go to GST official portal www.gst.gov.in then click on login option and put user credentials.

Go to GST portal and put your GSTin credentials and choose GST return option and fill all required fields related to your transactions but ensure that you can file correct details without help of expert.

You can download all GST returns online from services tab option, which is shown at GST official portal, for this purpose you should have GSTIN login credentials.

You can self file GST return for your business at online at GST portal after login and followed by return filing process but ensure about correctness of its since once return file online then it can’t changed further, for the same you may consult or get help of our Kcorptax GST experts.

GST return filing process is easy, you may file online it at GST official portal by self if know about it otherwise you may get help of a good GST consultant in Delhi, or approach us at Kcorptax Delhi or Greater Noida.