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14 November 2023 kcorptax Admin

GST registration for share Trader

Good and service tax implementation brought many important changes in our taxation system in India. [..]

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06 November 2023 kcorptax Admin

How can you save tax for salary above 10.50 lakh?

At present, the government has given tax concessions on income up to Rs 5 lakhs, and the finance bud[..]

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02 November 2023 kcorptax Admin

Important to file an income tax return every year

Why it is important to file an income tax return every year Income tax is a type of tax levied on[..]

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28 October 2023 kcorptax Admin

Benefits of filing Income tax return online

We often hear from the elders in our house to file ITR. But have you ever wondered what is ITR and w[..]

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17 October 2023 kcorptax Admin

What is the penalty for non filing ITR?

It is your responsibility or legal requirement to file your income tax return on time, so that you c[..]

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14 October 2023 kcorptax Admin

Types of company registration in India and Benefits

Introduction There are many sorts of company registration in India, and each kind of organization i[..]

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