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How to close current account by surrendering GST Registration Online

Welcome to another blog, where we live deeply in the world of financial decisions and detect the options available to you. Today, we are going to deal with a question that often leaves business owners scratching their heads: should you close your current account by surrendering GST? We understand that this can be a misleading decision, so let’s go leisurely through various factors and ideas that can guide you to choose the right option for your unique position.

Lets come to understand GST surrender:

Before we surrendering GST, you should close your current account, pay attention to its nuances, let us quickly understand what GST surrender is. There is a consumption-based tax levied on GST, or goods and service tax, supply of goods and services. The GST-regulated business collects this tax on behalf of the government and submits it from time to time. Now, if you decide to shut down your business or if your turnover comes below the GST range, you can choose to surrender your GST registration Online.

Factors to consider:

  1. Business Continuity:

One of the first things to consider is whether you intend to continue with your business activities in the future. If you are planning to close the business completely, closing the current account may be a logical step. However, if you are changing the gear or taking a temporary break, the account can provide continuity when re -starting operations keeping in mind the account.

  1. Banking Services:

Think of banking services attached to your current account. Does it connect loans, overdraft facilities or credit lines? Closing an account can affect these arrangements, so it is wise to discuss implications with your bank before taking a decision.

  1. History of Transaction:

Your current account is probably a treasure of transactions history. This can be valuable to prepare future references, audit or even tax returns. If this information is important for your business, consider the implications of closing the account on your record-mapping.

  1. Getting Payment:

If you are expecting any payment or refund after surrendering GST, you will need a functional account to get these funds. Closing your account can lead to complications in getting money due to you.

  1. Cost and Fee:

Be aware of any cost or fee related to closing or maintaining your current account. Sometimes, the account can be closed fees, so calculate the financial impact before taking action.

  1. Ease of operation:

Maintaining your current account can also reduce infection when you restart your business or switch to new efforts. It is often easier to continue using the existing account compared to a new opening from scratches.

  1. Tax implications:

GST can be implicated by surrendering, and can have a role in managing them by maintaining or closing your account. Consulting a tax professional can highlight these cases.

Study the matter:

To help clarify this issue, let’s take a look at the study of some imaginary case:

Case Study 1:

E-commerce entrepreneur

E-commerce entrepreneurs, Lily, decided to take a break from her online store. She surrenders her GST registration, but decides to keep her current account open. In this way, she can still manage any transactions related to her business and can easily get refunds when she starts selling again.

 Case Study 2:

Retirement Dreamer

John, the owner of a small business, is ready to retire. He shuts down his business and surrenders his GST registration. After consulting his bank, he also decided to close his current account, as he would not need it for his retirement plans.


As we end on the question on the question as to whether to surrender the GST and close our current account or not, remember that there is no answer that fits everyone. Each business is unique with its circumstances, goals and financial needs. Take your time to consider factors that have been discussed, with our consult professionals if necessary, and choose an option that suits your long -term vision for your business and personal finance. Whether you choose to keep your current account open or close it, the key is to make sure that you are taking an informed decision that supports your business efforts and financial well -being.